Mike's Info Site

Answers to questions you hadn't even asked


Hey, where's everybody going?

Guess they must be heading on over to Mike's Info Site to bag a bargain.

Yes, this is the place for Information -

on Mike, and all his (various) business interests.


Tell me more.

Okay, roll the credits.

Here's Mike with his backpack,
out to bag a bargain.

Tell me more.

Mike WHO?

Mike WHO?

Well, the BBC must be slipping.
They let any old riff-raff onto the premises now.

(Maybe it's because the BBC is moving to Salford.
Didn't hear about that?
Click here to get Mike's video report on YouTube.)

Anyway, let's hope he doesn't get into that Tardis.
He might go back in time and write even more books!

And how come the man in the black leather jacket is so keen to keep Mike out of the spaceship thingy.
And who is that ?
It looks like -

No, it can't be!

Questions you hadn't even asked

Why no skirts?

In the photo at the top of the page.
It's all trousers!

Okay, now here is a question for you.
That looks like a lot of people walking along a pavement.

So, what city in the world is it?

(Answer at the end of the website.)